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Android Application development

Android is running 2 billion mobile devices worldwide and is emerging as one of the most sought after platforms for mobile application development. We offers successful mobile applications for businesses and small and medium enterprises. Take advantage of our mobile application development services on Android to increase your customers' reach.

Benefits of Android applications development

Why should you choose to develop Android apps?

Android is a big share of the mobile app market in developing countries, which is enough to generate a high visibility for your brand. Professional Android application development services can be used to leverage the power of this platform to create and improve brand awareness. So you can get in touch with Android App Development Company to create unique, innovative, and attractive Android apps for your users.

Keep in mind the following benefits for developing Android app for your business.

IOS Application Development

Do you have an idea you would like to convert to an application for iPhone and iPad?

Imperial provides the latest solutions to transform your dreams into reality. Our team is proficient in developing a custom iOS application, familiar with the iOS, Objective C and Swift frameworks. We do our best to create highly interactive, innovative and scalable applications that meet your business goals. If you're looking for an iOS app developer that offers apps for the latest versions of iPhone and iPad, Imperial can be your best bet. You can take advantage of iOS mobile application development services to increase customer access to this platform.

Hybrid Application Development

Need an app for your business that works seamlessly on Android, iPhone, and Windows but is limited by budget constraints?

Need an app for your business that works seamlessly on Android, iPhone, and Windows but is limited by budget constraints? Mixed application is the solution. A combination of Native and Web applications, giving you a platform experience as well as scalable features in a highly customized mobile application. Hybrid applications are developed in HTML5 frameworks such as PhoneGap / Cordova, Ionic, or Jquery Mobile. Imperial is a certified mobile application development company with extensive experience in mobile application development across platforms. Our team of expert developers specializes in providing mixed application development services according to your business requirements.

What Is A Hybrid Mobile App?

A Hybrid Mobile App is a technological blend of native Web application and HTML5 application. Scalable features and functionality across platforms make hybrid mobile applications the right choice for small and medium businesses. This cross-platform mobile app is for those looking for quick development solutions at a lower cost.

Why Should You Opt For Hybrid Mobile App?
  • The development costs are quite low
  • A Multi-platform experience is guaranteed
  • Impressive UI / UX
  • High performance and scalability is ensured
  • A single-code-fits-all solution that reduces development time

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